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SMHS Hospital Services

Operating theatre staff

Our focus at SMHS is improving patient care and population health outcomes for our patients and the community.

To this end, hospitals in the area are undergoing major changes to achieve an integrated approach across professions, sites and services, sharing knowledge and expertise, recognising and building on strengths.

Our hospitals will be developing collaborative networks and partnerships, aligning resources, systems and processes across the health service to achieve our goals.

Part of the reconfiguration includes changes to how our hospitals deliver their services:

Armadale Health Service


Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital delivers a range of inpatient, same-day and ambulatory services, including obstetrics, palliative care, rehabilitation, orthopaedic, gynaecology, urology, vascular and endoscopy services. It has an Emergency Department, intensive care unit, neonatal unit and inpatient mental health facilities for adults and older adults.

By 2014

Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital will be a 270-bed general hospital, encompassing an Emergency Department and intensive care unit, providing general medical and surgery services. It will continue to provide comprehensive paediatric, neonatal, obstetric, gynaecological, renal dialysis, rehabilitation, palliative care, mental health and same-day surgery services.

Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital Clinical Service Plan (PDF 1.8MB)
Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital Health Service website

Bentley Health Service


Bentley Health Service provides services including medical, surgical, obstetric, aged care and rehabilitation, community health and a range of mental health services.

By 2014

Bentley Hospital will be a 199-bed specialist hospital dedicated to providing significant mental health, high-level aged care and rehabilitation services. Community based adult services will be expanded while older adult mental health services will be developed in line with population needs. The ongoing delivery of obstetric services at Bentley Hospital will be reviewed after the opening of Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Royal Perth Hospital Group Clinical Service Plan (includes Bentley) (PDF 3MB)
Bentley Health Service website

Fiona Stanley Hospital

When it opens in October 2014, the 783-bed Fiona Stanley Hospital, which includes the 140-bed State rehabilitation service, will be a public hospital, with clinical services provided by the public sector.

The flagship tertiary hospital will provide a full range of acute medical and surgical services including state-of-the-art emergency care, cardiothoracic surgery services, including:
heart/lung transplant and advanced heart/lung failure services; trauma service; comprehensive cancer centre; the State adult burns service; hyperbaric medicine unit; neurosurgery and renal transplantation and dialysis services.

It will also include a mental health unit with secure wing and mother/baby unit, obstetric, neonatal and paediatric services.

A world-class Western Australian Institute for Medical Research (WAIMR) adult medical research facility will sit alongside the main hospital site and play an important role in building and strengthening the growth of Western Australia's teaching and research community.

Fiona Stanley Hospital Clinical Services Plan (PDF 2.2MB)
Fiona Stanley Hospital project website

Fremantle Hospital and Health Service


Fremantle Hospital is a major tertiary facility providing general and specialist services including emergency, medical, surgical and ambulatory care. It is the State referral centre for diving and hyperbaric medicine. Kaleeya Hospital provides obstetric and gynaecological services, rehabilitation, endoscopy and elective surgery.

By 2014

Consisting of 300 beds, Fremantle Hospital and Health Service will provide a range of specialist hospital high quality services including: aged care; planned general surgery; ophthalmology and orthopaedic surgery; general medical; and mental health services.

Some services currently provided at Fremantle Hospital and Health Service, including its Emergency Department, diving and hyperbaric medicine unit, cardiothoracic surgery, renal dialysis and obstetric and neonatal services will move to Fiona Stanley Hospital in early 2015.  

Fremantle Hospital and Health Service Clinical Service Plan (PDF 1.1MB)
Fremantle Hospital and Health Service (incorporating Kaleeya Hospital) website

Peel Health Campus


Peel Health Campus is a Public Hospital operated by a private company, Ramsay Health Care Limited. The Campus is not a 'tertiary' hospital and has no intensive care facility. Patients in need of specialised care are transferred to a metropolitan tertiary centre such as Fremantle Hospital or King Edward Memorial Hospital.

By 2014

Peel Health Campus will be a 140-bed public hospital and continue to be managed in partnership with private provider Ramsay Health Care. It will provide emergency, medical and surgical services including obstetrics, paediatrics, same day procedures, rehabilitation and aged care, renal dialysis, chemotherapy and palliative care.

Rockingham General Hospital Clinical Services Plan (includes Peel) (PDF 1.8MB)
Peel Health Campus website

Rockingham Peel Group


The recently expanded Rockingham General Hospital provides general medicine, surgery and aged care services. New services include an intensive care unit, neonatal unit, chemotherapy, renal dialysis and adult mental health facility.

By 2014

Rockingham General Hospital will have fully transitioned to a 232-bed general hospital providing general medical, general surgical and emergency services. With a focus on providing quality care closer to home the hospital will continue to provide a range of surgery, intensive care, Emergency Department, obstetric, gynaecology, neonate, chemotherapy, mental health, aged care, paediatric and rehabilitation services as well as a range of outpatient clinics. Proposed additional outpatient services available from 2014 encompass haematology, immunology, sexual health and rheumatology.

The 15-bed Murray District Hospital will continue to provide inpatient medical services as well as palliative care and allied health services.

Rockingham General Hospital Clinical Services Plan (includes Peel) (PDF 1.8MB)
Rockingham General Hospital (incorporating Murray District Hospital) website

Royal Perth Hospital Group


The Wellington St Campus provides a full range of emergency, medical and surgical services to adults with the exception of obstetrics. It is a State referral centre for many highly specialised services, including major trauma, burns, spinal, and heart and lung transplant.

Shenton Park Campus is a tertiary rehabilitation hospital that provides acute and long-term rehabilitation services. It also provides satellite dialysis, orthopaedic, urology and plastic surgery services.

By 2014

The Wellington Street Campus will remain a tertiary hospital with 450 beds. It will continue to provide a nationally renowned adult major trauma service and will be home to a dedicated complex and elective surgery centre. Tertiary mental health services, specialist medical services and a range of same-day and clinical support services will also be provided.

Shenton Park Campus will close and tertiary rehabilitation services will move to the State rehabilitation service at Fiona Stanley Hospital. Secondary-level rehabilitation services and elective surgery currently provided at Shenton Park Campus will be carried out in general and specialist hospitals.

Royal Perth Hospital Group Clinical Service Plan (includes Bentley) (PDF 3MB)
Royal Perth Hospital and the Shenton Park Campus website

Shenton Park Campus will close and tertiary rehabilitation services will move to the State Rehabilitation Service at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Other health services in SMHS

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